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DC Fridge/Freezer

Our fridge/freezers allow you to control the thermostat to chill or freeze your food. Prices below are for stand-alone fridge/freezers however we are more than happy to provide you with advice and pricing for a fridge/freezer set including solar panels, battery and regulator. We also sell travel bags and AC/DC adapters if you wish to power your fridge/freezer using electricity. 

30L Fridge/Freezer

$5,500.00 SBD

55L Fridge/Freezer

$7,000.00 SBD

70L Fridge/Freezer

$8,000.00 SBD

170L Fridge/Freezer

$12,500.00 SBD

277L Fridge/Freezer

$16,000.00 SBD

303L Fridge/Freezer

$15,000.00 SBD

433L Fridge/Freezer

$17,000.00 SBD