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Solar Savve

We believe education is a vital part of bringing solar power to the people. Contact us today to find out about our informative ‘Solar Savve’ sessions to learn more about solar technology, new trends in equipment, and the use of solar products. 

Why Solar?

For rural island communities, solar energy has a far-reaching impact on the quality of life. 

Enhance Educational Success 

Evidence suggests that households with reliable access to energy can greatly improve the educational outcomes for their children. With communication devices and Internet access in the home, students and parents are afforded educational materials at any time of day.

Improve Health Management

Rural communities like those of islanders also reap the benefits of better health and medical resources through Internet access and remote physician support. Energy is also crucial for the proper and safe storage of life-saving pharmaceuticals.

Bring Communities together

Perhaps just as important to the mind and body is the social and emotional well-being that energy provides to island inhabitants. The provision of lighting proves to encourage and enhance social events and community gatherings.

Protect property and life

Energy resources are imperative in improving a level of safety and security through lighting systems and alarms. We stock a large range of solar lighting sets to help protect property and life.